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Keep In Touch

Keep in Touch began in March 2020 as an essential aid project. This support scheme, a partnership between Refresh and the Town Council, provided support to the community who were self-isolating for a variety of reasons. A team of volunteers were ready and waiting to pick up prescriptions from pharmacies around town, go shopping or post letters and parcels. The Town Council got the support of some supermarkets and were able to put boxes of food together that could be bought, and in some cases, subsidised boxes could be given to those who had lost their jobs or were struggling financially. This project closed in July 2020 but in the September Keep in Touch began two new projects, Chat2gether and Pen2paper to enable those who were socially isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic to keep in touch.


The Chat2gether scheme involved a weekly telephone call between a small group of individuals, offering support and friendly interaction. The Pen2paper scheme was for individuals that wanted to receive a card or letter in the post. This was offered on a fortnightly basis and participants had the option to write back if they wanted to.


As people began to go out of their homes and meet again, Keep in Touch changed once more and now puts on, and signposts to, a variety of activities from craft to bell ringing to healthy walks and Stretch-along to cream teas and much more. A programme of activities comes out monthly which you can find on the website.


For more information please contact Jackie on 07902217942 or email

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