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Safe Sleep

Following the success of the first Safe Sleep at the beginning of 2019, Refresh, The Lantern and Julian House have continued to partner during the winter months to organise the night shelter so that those sleeping rough and those who find themselves homeless have somewhere warm and dry to sleep, hot meals to eat and access to agencies to help them begin to turn their lives around.

At the beginning guests were invited to stay overnight in seven different church buildings across Weymouth where volunteers served hot dinners and healthy breakfasts and outreach workers helped to signpost the guests to other agencies for appropriate care and support and the Lantern worked hard to find them accommodation.

Now, the Lantern gets funding for staff and accommodation at the Riviera where the guests can have their own space in a warm bedroom. The churches remain central to providing hot meals either delivered directly to the Riviera or served around a table in one of the churches in the town centre.

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